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About us

The Department of Risk Management and Insurance

  1. The Objective

We aim to equip students with the ability to make risk management planning, the competency to work in the insurance-related industries. We also emphasis teamwork and joint learning, enhance students' presentation ability, expression ability and design ability in the multi-curriculum.


  1. The feature

There are four features in the department of risk management and insurance. First, the department strengthens industry-university cooperation and interaction, the courses combines theory and practice. Secondly, we cultivate the three major talents of insurance marketing, insurance administration and insurance wealth management to meet the needs of enterprises. Third, we attach importance to students' personality education and cultivate basic employment skills. Finally, the department encourages students to get professional licenses that are helpful to their future career planning.

Our courses are the trend of the times, for example, “Big Data Analysis and Creative Development, “Visual and Audio Planning and Production”, and “New Media Management”. We also emphasize cross-disciplinary learning, the programs are “Micro Program of Smart Digital”, “Program of Digital finance and Management”, “Program of Risk with Financial Planning” and “Program of FinTech Marketing”.

In the course of “Risk Management and insurance Thesis”, we cultivate the students capabilities of finding, analyzing and summarizing present relevant issue of risk management and insurance and to further examine the implications of these issues for regulatory and industry.


  1. Internship

To effectively implement knowledge-action integration and connect professional theory with enterprise practice, we offer practical courses in collaboration with leading domestic financial institutions, property insurance, life insurance and insurance agency companies for internships.


  1. The development after graduation

In the future, students work in insurance-related institutions, financial-related institutions, corporate financial departments and public agencies. Students can also study in relevant master degree program of insurance, finance and business management in domestic and foreign.



  1. Curriculum



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